Welcome to my web-site. I'm an Australian author who writes poetry and verse-novels for children, young adults, and adults. I also perform my poetry in schools and at festivals all over the country and overseas.
Explore this site for information about me, read sample poems from all of my books, or watch my videos on YouTube. If you wish to purchase copies of any of my books you can do so through the order page.
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by the river

tom jones
saves the world

do-wrong ron
the simple gift

a place like this
the spangled

love, ghosts
& nose hair


steven herrick - author

Rhyming boy

lonesome howl
Naked Bunyip

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- to my son, Joe
- 10 Things your parents will never say to you
- lost in the mist
- Witches of William Street
- Trains
since Sept 2006
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Cold Skin
Cold Skin
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