Our new teacher

Mr Carey has long hair,
and a beard.
He wears flared trousers
and beads
and a T-shirt with the slogan
"Meat is murder" on the front,
and "McDonalds = McJunk" on the back.
Today is his first day.
He plays us music
by someone called
Bob Dylan,
who sounds like
he swallowed a bag of marbles
and got two stuck up his nose.
Mr Carey closes his eyes,
raises his arms,
and sings along
with Mr Dylan.
Naked Bunyip Dancing is a verse-novel for children.
It includes...
Mr Carey the Hairy; Billy the punk genius; J-man the rapper; Sophie the poet; Ahmet the soccer star; Jason the good kisser; Anna the yoga master; Peter the boy with the talking bottom; Emily the ballerina; Alex the artist; Michael the salesman and the rest of Class 6C.

What a crazy class! And what a funny, unpredictable year - the year of Naked Bunyip Dancing - when the kids in Class 6C find out who they are, what they're good at, and how to put on a fantastic show.

Shortlisted for the NSW Literary Awards 2006 -
(Patricia Wrightson Prize for Children's Literature

       Winner - Australian Speech Pathologists
                       Book of the Year Award
The whole class
is nervously quiet,
When the bell rings
no-one moves.
We all stare at Mr Carey,
who turns off the music,
bows, smiles,
and says,
"Thank you, children.
One day, I hope we'll sing together.
After lunch,
we’ll read poetry."
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