This is a sequel to "Nose hair". I like Jack and Annabel, the main characters from "Nose hair" so much that I wanted to write about them again. In this book, they’re eighteen, and are having a year off from uni. They hit the road in an old car, and find fifty acres of unpicked apples, and a farmer who’ll let them live in his shed.

The story revolves around their life on the farm, and their relationship with Emma, the pregnant sixteen- year-old daughter of the farmer. Emma is angry at her future and her past.

"A place like this" was shortlisted for the 1999 Children's Book Council Book of the Year Award (Older Readers category) and the 1999 NSW Premier's Literary Award.

A place like this
University of Queensland Press 1998,1999.
ISBN 0-7022-2984-9
Cover photograph by Jude Morrell

I'm not unemployed.
I'm just not working at the moment.
School now seems a distant shame
of ball games, half-lies at lunchtime,
and teachers fearing the worst.
I'm not studying either.
Yeah, I got into uni,
so did Annabel.
Two Arts degrees does not a life make.
So we both chucked it.
University is too serious.
I'm eighteen years old,
too young to work forever,
too old to stay home.
Annabel and I make love most afternoons,
which, as you can imagine,
passes the time
I don't think we can make money out of it,
or learn much, although, we have learnt something...

I want to leave town
I want to leave town
I want to leave.

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