Untangling Spaghetti is a collection of my favourite poems from my three books for children - poetry, to the rescue;  my life my love my lasagne;  and love poems and leg-spinners. It's a book I've been wanting to release for years as I perform many of these poems in my school show. At last, they are all in the one book! I thank University of Queensland Press for publishing them in such a neat package.
Contrary to popular belief that is not me on the cover!

If you want to buy this book, contact here.

        University of Queensland Press 2009.

Toenails are my favourite colour, green.
Toenails are a very good source of Vitamin C
Toenails are what I throw at my sister
      when she takes too long in the bathroom
Toenails are what I eat
      when Mum forgets to give me lunch money
Toenails have fights with walls, and lose
Toenails make lovely sounds
      when scratched down a chalkboard
Toenails get painted on by my sister
Toenails kiss the dirt
      and sometimes take the dirt home for a bath
Toenails are the knife of a foot
Toenails get caught in the carpet
      and trip you over
Toenails hate shoes, socks


love poem

Ms Batlow
read us a poem on love

your lips are like cherries
ripe, sweet, and soft fruit
we kiss under a pale moon

we swoon
our hands clam tight
eyes bright

may this moment linger
I slip this ring upon your finger
our lips,
our hands

our hearts…

when she finishes
32 students who hate Maths
put up their hands
and say
"please Ms can we do Maths now
may 2009
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